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6.09.2023, 12:51

Web ecosystem for OANDA Europe

Here's how we implemented a multi-language website for one of the most established trading platforms

We had the pleasure of partnering with Global OANDA teams to facilitate the development of an entirely new OANDA ecosystem tailored for Europe. This included the successful implementation of the OANDA EU website in six languages as well as continuous cooperation in the field of software development, design, and ad production.


Founded in 1996, OANDA was the first company to offer freely accessible exchange rate data on the Internet. It made a significant impact in the financial industry by introducing an innovative FX trading platform, which played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of web-based currency trading half a decade later.


Currently, the OANDA group, which includes OANDA TMS Brokers S.A. and other subsidiaries of OANDA Global Corporation, provides online multi-asset trading solutions, currency data, and analytics to both retail and corporate clients worldwide.


TMS Brokers was the first currency brokerage house in Poland evolving over time to extend their services across central Europe. However, in light of the developments concerning the acquisition of TMS Brokers by the OANDA group, the OTMS site needed to expand its current ecosystem to ensure that it caters to clients spanning the entire European landscape. This brought in the challenge of adapting the ecosystem to comply with legal regulations across different countries, efficiently managing various language versions, and seamlessly incorporating OANDA's technology.


Multi-language Oanda EU website

The most important development in the project was the implementation of a 6-language website, tailored to serve 26 European markets. This was achieved through leveraging the same technology previously used by TMS and thanks to the collaboration among teams located in Cracow, Warsaw, and Canada.


The website adheres to OANDA's branding guidelines and presents a modern and sleek design. It displays all of the information related to OANDA's products and is integrated with a variety of services within the OANDA group as well as third-party services.

An example of a third-party integration is the Economic Calendar, which displays data, continuously updated in real-time.


Additionally, the website offers a highly convenient workflow for content editors. Thanks to the custom-developed paragraph system in Drupal 9 implementation, they can edit all content across the website and easily create new content.

Paragraph styles

As part of the implementation process, we delivered the website along with an onboarding process and client zone. The client onboarding process is based on the IDScan service from GBG which includes a convenient mobile-first approach. Users can verify essential documents right from their mobile phones, significantly reducing the time spent on paperwork. Having previously tackled the task of creating the client onboarding process for TMS Brokers, we were able to seamlessly incorporate it into the development of the new ecosystem. To get a better understanding of how this process works, refer to one of our previous case studies where we go into more detail on how we used the IDScan service from GBG.


The Client Zone is the last step of the onboarding process. This is where users have the opportunity to return and update any information they might have previously left out. In the "My Account" section of the Client Zone, users can perform various transactions on their accounts which include making deposits or transfers and requesting withdrawals.

Client zone

Promotional videos and marketing campaigns

In close collaboration with the Global OANDA design team, a dedicated internal design team from Direktpoint produces a wide array of design assets for both the website itself and ones to be used for marketing purposes. Additionally, we have been preparing a large number of advertising campaigns targeting the European market. Our creative efforts resulted in many types of marketing materials which include animations, promotional videos as well as banners designed for multi-language AdWords head campaigns and social media platforms.

Below is an example of a video ad created for the marketing campaigns:

Video file


We can definitely say that we're proud of the outcomes of our work which resulted in the successful expansion of the new OTMS ecosystem, now available in six language versions, compliant with the legal requirements of each country. Moreover, we provided seamless integration with OANDA's systems and contributed to the promotional aspects - creating a large number of various design materials.


While we are satisfied with the current results, our work is far from over. We are eagerly looking forward to providing ongoing support, particularly on the design and marketing side of the project.

At Direktpoint, our commitment lies in cultivating a lasting collaboration with our clients and we are always pleased to not only witness the progression of the projects but also actively contribute to their success!


  • A new Oanda ecosystem for OTMS (a multilanguage Drupal 9 site for 26 European markets)
  • Marketing materials (including banners and promotional videos) for ad campaigns
  • Design assets for the OANDA EU website

Client: OANDA
Website: www.oanda.com/eu-en 

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