Drupal starterkit D10+

Drupal, but simply better

Our custom Drupal 10 starterkit for your project.

We have combined all the necessary tools and modules so you can have an exceptional starting point of the project. With the set of ready content types, paragraphs & configuration, you can put a large ecosystem running much quicker.

When you should consider our starter pack:

- You are about to build a large web ecosystem and you prefer to have a modern API first solution but without compromising on the editorial experience

- Your system will grow over time - you are not sure about the exact changes but you need the flexible and code-consistent solution

It's a great starting point for a complex platform. It combines tested modules, best authoring experience & possible headless frontend upgrade

Whats in the package?

Regardless of the project and its complexity, we always use technology with your business in mind

Drupal 10

Geisir admin theme

Headless integration (React)

10 custom content types

CKEditor 5

Gutenberg editor

Built in SEO optimization

High performance ready

Content types and Drupal paragraphs - prebuilt to get you going fast

We have unified most of the user needs under 8 custom content types.

Global banners




Gutenberg paragraphs page


Custom blocks

Page headers

Drupal paragraphs page


Editorial experience - best on the market

With a power of Drupal 10 and it's thousands of modules you can create complex content/functional structure on the backend side of CMS. Authoring experience - thanks to latest modules like Gutenberg and CKeditor 5 is near perfect.

Gutenberg - New generation visual editor

Gutenberg - New generation visual editor

Gutenberg is the code name for the new block based editor. The name “Gutenberg,” derives from Johannes Gutenberg, who introduced book printing with movable type in Europe. The goal of the tool is to revolutionize the way we create and distribute content inside CMS. It was introduced in Wordpress and later moved to Drupal. The new editor separates all the elements that could coexist on a page or post into individual units called blocks. Blocks can contain items such as text, images, videos, links, widgets or quotes, and more. Users can select the appropriate box for the content they want to insert from a block menu that includes all possible block types. 

Powerful admin experience - Gin administration theme

Powerful admin experience - Gin administration theme

Gin is a editors oriented interface layout paired with extra features like a Darkmode, custom color accents will give your CMS editorial team a new flowless experience. Users can change the appearance of the admin interface to suit the requirements. For example, some people might prefer dark backgrounds over light backgrounds to help with visibility and ease eye strain.

CKeditor 5

CKeditor 5

CKEditor 5 is a modern JavaScript rich text editor that helps editors to work on the larger parts of the content in the CMS.
New editor comes with a new better UI and improved user experience. The interface comes with a lighter, more modern design. It has improved icons, toolbar items mechanics, interface colors and theme.

Key features:
UX improvements
- New way of managing tables
- Links with attached panel
- Styles panel reworked

Read more:
New CKeditor 5 features in Drupal

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