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30.04.2015, 09:50

We launched a promotional campaign for the Collegium Artes Liberales faculty at Warsaw University

This year the recruitment process at the prestigious Collegium Artes Liberales faculty at Warsaw University has just started. Direktpoint prepared a campaign promoting Artes Liberales amongst young people.

Direktpoint has designed and launched two alternative landing pages for candidates for level I studies and candidates for level II studies. The pages were available on the main website.

The task for Direktpoint

Direktpoint was entrusted with the task of developing a campaign promoting the esteemed Collegium Artes Liberales faculty at Warsaw University amongst future students. The objective was to reach out to the largest possible number of students and people interested in studying at that faculty. In addition, the campaign aimed to highlight the growing importance of the faculty graduates in the job market.

landing page
On the landing pages candidates could find the ”Greeting package” order forms which they could download in the form of a PDF document or have it mailed to their home address.

Two „Greeting packages” providing information on the Artes Liberales faculty and including lists of students, graduates, and professors, have been created for the students to decide whether such an educational path was right for them.

facebook ads
Examples of Facebook ads for the campaign.

Visual communication has been adapted to the needs of young people and at the same time synchronized with the schedule of this year’s high school final exams. Traffic was directed to both landing pages from our targeted campaign on Facebook and from AdWords advertisements on Google.


  • 6500 hits to the landing page site in one month (with a very limited media budget),
  • 340 queries: downloaded PDFs and mail order packages,
  • SEO - Top 3 in Google search for "recruitment college" phrase.
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