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12.02.2017, 09:34

TMS NonStop mobile app for Android and iOS platform... get it now!

The quick, reliable, cutting-edge financial news portal has its mobile app now. It was designed and developed by Direktpoint. Nonstop is a leader in the FX market in the CEE region and the mobile app is a great support for trades that require the latest news from the markets. The team of NonStop editors can send dedicated push notifications, trade setups, and individual messages based on the users’ access level. The app is available for iOS and Android.

The screen from the TMS NonStop mobile app.

We were responsible for the construction of a complex online system for the presentation of market information coming from many sources, as well as an information portal and investor zone for clients of the Brokerage House. Thanks to our application users can monitor the most important market events on their smartphone screens 24 hours a day. TMS NonStop is a unique news and research mobile app offering up-to-the-minute professional analysis and investing tools. Every day it delivers more than 50 news items, reports, expert comments, and trading signals.

The app is based on the TMS NonStop desktop version with an expanded unique system. We developed a fully advanced app in a few different languages. In order to meet the needs of the TMS Brokerage House we have created a portal that aggregates information concerning world finance markets: stock exchange, commodity, and currency. The user receives information from Polish and international press agencies, as well as forecasts and reports of the TMS Brokerage House and innovative tools for live market analysis. The main area of the portal is the information live feed.

Reports, recommendations, analysis, and opinions - all comments and expert advice of TMS Brokers analysts in one place.

TMSNonStop application is free and available in different versions dedicated to the most popular mobile operating systems.

  • Everyone needs a different type of information, so it was made possible for everyone to build their own navigation dashboard.
  • More than 25 modules with important data related to the currency, stock exchange, raw materials, and commodity markets have been made available.
  • Together with TMS NonStop, the clients of the Brokerage House can manage funds on their brokerage accounts.

The user, having a range of analytical tools at his disposal, is following the trends and changes in the market, which allows him to search for the best investment opportunities. The combination of the informative and analytical possibilities of the TMS NonStop service with the brokerage account management panel makes investing more efficient, more comfortable, and more secure.

As a part of the campaign promoting the TMS NonStop contest, we have created a 35-second video. The video was broadcast on TV theme channels and the Internet.

Download iOS and Android app.

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