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6.11.2019, 16:05

SuperCar day – online investment contest

Big money and fast cars – a day in the life of the best investors!

The seventh edition of the TMS Brokers investment contest is behind us. The participants received 10,000 virtual euros each and had to show what they could afford by investing in their DEMO account. They fought for the title of the best among all contenders and prizes. Apart from real money, they could also win the opportunity to participate in Supercar Day. During the event, the winners could sit behind the wheel of a Ferrari 488 GTB, Lamborghini Huracán or Porsche 911 Turbo S. We had the pleasure to support TMS in organizing this unique competition.


The organizer of the project was TMS Brokers. We were responsible for the digital assets of the campaign - an interactive competition website, visuals, short animations & also taking care of the technical issues connected with the online competition.

SuperCar day

Literally, dozens of visuals and animations were produced by our design department. They were used, among others, in SEM campaigns on Google, posts, and advertisements on social media. They also appeared as banners, pop-ups in applications, and animated mailings in the TMS ecosystem. All with the goal to maximize the reach and effectiveness of the campaign. 

SuperCar day

A significant portion of our work is not immediately visible at first glance. We have taken the TMS contest under technological supervision. We co-created the mechanism of participant registration. And we made sure that everything took place without any problems and according to the customer's expectations.



This is not the first time we have worked with TMS Brokers. In other projects we supported the company in organizing contests, creating applications and services, onboarding solutions, and we also carried out promotional campaigns and created TV commercials. The projects we worked on were extremely interesting challenges and always turned out to be successful. It was also the case this time.

SuperCar day
3 design lines of SEM banners


  • Design and implementation of the competition website
  • Design support
  • Video ads for social media
  • Technology support

Time of execution: September 2020

The Client: Brokerage House TMS Brokers S.A. -


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