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2.12.2017, 09:50


We are happy to share the exciting news of our new in-house product launch. We have successfully developed our very own MVP, which is now available online. Through the partnership with experienced professionals in the financial services industry, we have decided to create an online tool for sales teams and workgroups. It's called SalesTracko.

How does it work? It's an online tool for workgroups and sales teams where it's important to measure the time each team and individual spends on a selected project.

salestracko site
The main screen of the SalesTracko app.

SalesTracko is a smart time tracker. It works great for personal use:

  • it counts the time you spend on selected projects,
  • it awards you with bonus points for activity within the app,
  • it sends notifications about your current task,
  • it has a manager must-have feature for online "daily reports" (from employee to manager).

If you add more users to SalesTracko you can create a big network - anthill - with a quick online view of every person. It's a great tool to coordinate vast work groups (100+ employees). You can use the manager's dashboard to:

  • check who is online and who is working on what activity
  • advanced group and access functionality. You can create managers' accounts with access to control selected teams.
salestracko site
The screen of the user's preview.

Salestracko is currently supporting its first clients in the Polish market.

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