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3.01.2024, 11:25

Product design for a revolutionary real estate tokenization service platform

We have deployed a visual identity, system design, starter website, and much more for an innovative blockchain startup in the world of real estate


Tokente is a startup offering a unique service of real estate tokenization. The team behind it all leveraged their knowledge and experience in blockchain technology, finance, and real estate to introduce an innovative concept that combines these three areas.


The client approached us at the beginning of their journey, giving us the chance to witness the project's growth right from the start. With our background in collaborating with startups, we offered our advice and services for validating the business idea, to ensure that the right solution for bringing this project to life is selected.


While our client already came in with a lot of knowledge and their own research, we extended those efforts with an in-depth competition analysis. With all of the essential details gathered, we conducted meetings to pinpoint the target users and identify their needs.

Web design

Following that, we entered the concept visualization stage, exploring the possibilities for product design, including different color schemes, design elements, and various user flows. Our efforts aimed to ensure that the website and platform are not only visually appealing but also deliver an exceptional user experience tailored to its intended audience.

Tokente platform design

To view the outcomes of those efforts, visit Tokente’s website at

Tokente website

But this was not the end of our work on this project! In addition to designing and launching the website, we designed the user flows and interface for the Tokente platform itself. This platform will allow users to log in, acquire RET tokens, and explore opportunities to invest in or tokenize properties.


  • Business idea validation
  • Prototyping the user flows
  • Information Architecture
  • Tokente website development
  • Corporate identity - logo, pitch deck, print, colors, brandbook
  • Tokente platform - prototypes, design

Name of client: Tokente
Client’s website:

DP x Tokente
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