Dr OetkerA new campaign site for Dr. Oetker's bestseller
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11.09.2020, 15:11

A new campaign site for Dr. Oetker's bestseller

Dr Oetker new product lineup - new campaign page


Dr Oetker is a world food giant. It has been in business continuously since 1891. 129 years ago, pharmacist August Oetker was the first one in the world to sell baking powder packed in small bags. Today, the company is a global concern managed by the fourth generation of Oetkers, with factories in several countries and over 30,000 employees.

Dr Oetker offers over 1,000 different products. Customers associate this company mainly with cake additives, desserts such as jellies, starch jellies, porridges, or puddings, preserves additives, and a whole range of casseroles, frozen pizzas, and yoghurts. Some of the most popular products of the brand are those from the Słodka Chwila line. It is with them that the client came to us.


Although the client has an established position on the market, some of its offers lacked modern product sites. The previous "Słodka Chwila" site was simply outdated. It did not meet the customer's expectations, was not user-friendly for mobile users, and did not contain high-quality animations. It was also in no way connected with the national advertising campaign "Słodka Chwila - Razem Fajniej" (Sweet Moment – it's all better when done together), which was underway at the time. This required a quick reaction and creative approach on our part.

Dr Oetker site


We decided to create the site anew. We put great emphasis on responsiveness and interactivity. However, without making the animations and videos overwhelm the user. Thanks to our work, the Słodka Chwila brand received a completely new, fresh image online. This is how slodkachwila.pl was created.

We made sure that the website referred to the national promotional campaign ongoing back then. Spots and advertisements appeared in most Polish media. One of its leitmotifs was cups, which also appear as key visuals on the website we created. The campaign was addressed to various target groups. This was also reflected in our projects. On the website, we will find four different stories told with specific products, according to the campaign's assumptions.

The site słodkachwila.pl also includes a description of products from the Słodka Chwila line. We have designed everything so that users can easily and clearly get acquainted with the offer and find the product they are interested in. We were also stoked to create the "Inspirations" category containing recipes and ideas for the creative use of Dr. Oetker's products in the kitchen.



We are very pleased with the results of our work. The client received a brand new product site of the Słodka Chwila brand. It was the missing link of a wide promotional campaign. We managed to carve it out in the broader context of the client's message. "It's all better when done together" turned out to be not only a marketing slogan but also a description of our cooperation with Dr. Oetker.


  • Building a new product service aggregating all information about Słodka Chwila products
  • Creating a concept and animation
  • Reference to the nationwide promotional campaign
  • Refreshing the brand image on the Internet

Time of execution: 5 weeks

Clients: Business Factorywww.b.cz, Dr. Oetkerslodkachwila.pl

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