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30.10.2020, 14:57

Nationwide knowledge contest about Saxony

Luxury hotels await the best and... the fastest!

Last year was awesome, this year came out even better. We organized a competition for lovers of this unique tourist region, considered to be one of the most picturesque ones in Europe. There were valuable prizes for winners. The interest of the participants exceeded our expectations –more than 10,000 people took part in the competition!

With over 0,5 mln reach in social media, we managed to create a visible buzz about Saxony.&



The interest of the participants exceeded our expectations – more than 10,000 people took part in the competition!

We have decided to endorse Saxony in an interesting way as the ideal place to relax – both as a destination for a weekend trip and for a longer family holiday. The competition was a part of our broader strategy of promoting the region and knowledge about it among Poles. For years Saxony has charmed us with its delights – the monuments of Dresden and Leipzig and the magnificent landscapes of the Ore Mountains – and that is why working on this project presented an interesting challenge for us. We had to prepare the concept of the competition and conduct it "from top to bottom". Our responsibilities also included the promotional campaign. We cooperated with our German partners.


We started by creating a competition back-end mechanism (Drupal 8). Our intention was to muster up some sports rivalry. In order to win and win valuable prizes, it was necessary not only to answer questions correctly but to do it faster than others. Our idea of using the effect of gamification did the trick. Users followed the list of winners updated live and tried to beat their times. The record holder managed to answer 7 difficult questions in just over 7 seconds.

We put a lot of work into writing 300 contest questions divided into several categories. They concerned both the most interesting monuments of Saxony – its castles and landmarks – and facts from the region's rich history and culture. The answers could be found on Saxony ecosystem sites. This prompted the participants of the game to "virtually explore” in search of answers. The questions did not repeat for one run of the quiz. Every few days quiz mechanics changed the questions of the draw so it was harder to learn answers by heart.


The campaign goal was to reach out to the largest possible audience. In order to do so we have used our knowledge and experience in Facebook activities. We prepared an extensive campaign plan, which included writing engaging posts and precisely targeted ads. For this purpose, we have singled out 6 different target groups to which we addressed personalized messages. Properly designed ads and interesting content worked, which was visible in the statistics – they had a large reach and attracted more users.

Social Media posts and ads visuals


Over 10 thousand people took part in our competition. Observing the traffic on the target sites we can safely say that most of them came from social media (over 73%). This means that our advertising campaign and fan page posts passed the test! With our competition, we reached more than half a million recipients, which we treat as quite a success. The competition sites were displayed over 370 thousand times.

The effects of our work have contributed to the popularisation of Saxony. The winners of the competition had a nice time in the local resorts, the others were awarded gadgets and books. All the participants got to know the region better and maybe they will take their chances on beautiful Saxony when planning their next family holiday. 



  • Content preparation, legal matters.
  • Conducting the competition and selecting the winners.
  • Social media campaign – posts and advertising on selected channels.
  • inbound marketing in its own ecosystem.
  • Websites development, quiz mechanics.


Time of execution: July 2020
Client: TMGS Saxony
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