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17.11.2018, 08:54 - Work in Civil Service

We have built a system for managing and presenting recruitment offers of the entire public administration in Poland. 

First and foremost, the system is an effective tool for job seekers. It makes it easy to search through offers from all over Poland and check each recruitment result added to the system. On the administration side, it is used by more than 1500 editors who post advertisements regarding recruitment in their organizations.


The system from a job seeker’s perspective

In order to find advertisements that are interesting for job seekers, the user can utilize the search engine on the service provider’s home page. All basic filtering mechanisms have been simplified to the maximum and, at the same time, they have been adapted to the special requirements for advertising in the public administration sector. The fields in the search engine filter each other dynamically – thus producing preliminary results in the first stage of the form.

Through the advanced options, the user can search the base by entering 12 variables. If there aren’t any interesting offers in the base at a given time, users can sign up for a personalized newsletter generated on the basis of their preferences. The website has become very popular in recent years – it generates more than 150 thousand unique hits every month, and that is without advertisements.

The System from the employer’s perspective

Designing the system in terms of management and adding advertisements has been a major part of the project. Editors use it in their daily work publishing advertisements, entering recruitment results, and generating reports. Adjusting editorial tools to legal regulations pertinent to recruitment processes in civil administration has also been a challenge. The system is in a permanent process of development and improvement, and new mechanisms are being added so that finding a job with its help becomes easier and easier!

The Client: Office of the Prime Minister   
Implementation: 2016-2018.   
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