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12.02.2017, 09:12

Melle - rebranding of the clients online B2B and B2C ecosytems

We have begun cooperation with Melle, a Polish „global” brand selling its products to over 70 countries in the world. There is probably not even a single driver who wouldn’t know at least one of the 1000 products of this car K2 chemicals and cosmetics brand.

The main page of Melle's new website.

Direktpoint’s responsibilities included the design of a new identification in the company’s key websites:

  • New Melle corporate website,
  • Melle partnership program used by hundreds of B2B clients,
  • E-learning system,
  • K2 store – optimization of procurement path,
  • The official blog of K2 products.

These new creations form a coherent visual identity in all of the client’s products. The implementation is the responsibility of the client’s internal team. Some time ago Direktpoint also took care of the international version of the promotional website for partners of the K2 brand.

Visit the Melle site. 
Client: Melle 
Launch: 2016

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