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5.02.2018, 16:07

Invest Intelligently II - Investors Conference - Campaign

Direktpoint was responsible for the digital campaign for 'Invest Intelligently' 2017 Conference

Conference organizer - TMS Brokers has prepared  outstanding agenda where Andrea Unger, 4-time winner of the World Cup Trading Championship, and Krzysztof Piróg - a trader with a dow to earth vision of the investing, were the main guest speakers.

Direktpoint was responsible for creating an online platform which enables to register for the event, as well as designing creative adverts to promote the event, both for online and offline media.

Money likes silence but this action should be loud! about the conference;

Landing page with information and registration form of the event.
Banners designed for the website of TMS Brokers.
3 specific lines of banners were created to promote the event.
digital formats
More digital formats designed to introduce the conference.

Client: TMS Brokers 
Visit the website.

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