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4.11.2019, 08:36

iMCritic - All movie ratings in one place

At Direktpoint we also have some room for side projects. Here is a fun project MVP from our agency!

The idea behind the project was to gather all movie ratings in one place. We all use Rotten Tomatoes Meta Critic or the oldtimer's IMDB to rate movies. We decided that it would be great to combine them all in one site.

critic site

Having all movie ratings was not enough though. We have also created a personal scoring system! It is based on a short survey we conducted among the users. We asked for age, gender, and movie preferences and gave them 5 movies to rate. Based on the answers we created a dedicated algorithm. Users can check score prediction​ for each movie in the database.


  • PHP backand Yii 2.0,
  • Vue.js front end,
  • Databases optimization and integration,
  • Design and deployment.
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