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11.09.2020, 13:53

Hawe Telekom rebranding

Rebranding of the National Fiber Optic grid market leader

It's a company bringing many of us TV and the Internet. Although it has had a strong market position for years, as a brand it wanted to be more visible. It needed a "new visual break". And that is exactly what tickles our fancy.


Hawe Telekom is the first telecommunications company in Poland to provide such services to other operators ("operator for operators"). Since 2004 it has been developing its National Fiber Optic Network Hawe. The length of the bus is currently nearly 4,000 kilometers.

Hawe network reaches many cities in Poland, but also the borderlines with Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Czech Republic and Ukraine. Its skeletal character and properly adapted infrastructure allows it to provide services to any location along the fiber-optic route.

Hawe Telekom leases cables, optical fibers and data transmission services. It also provides its customers with a range of other telecommunications solutions. In 2019 the company boosted its offer with Smart City services. It is currently the only such comprehensive and rich catalog on the Polish market.

8 out of 10 largest telecommunications companies in Poland use the resources of HAWE Telekom. The company's clients are the largest operators of fixed and mobile telephone networks, cable TV, fiber-optic networks and Internet providers operating also outside Poland.


The client came to us, first of all, needing a new "visual opening" for the brand. Although it had been operating for years, it did not receive enough recognition. They wanted to be visible also on the Internet. To establish new contracts with companies operating on the market, they needed a clear way of presenting their offer. The client decided on a modern website, whose main element was intended to be a mechanism showing both the range of Hawe network and its quality.


We started our work with HAWE Telekom by creating a completely new visual identity for them, consistent with the company identity. Together with our project partner, ITBC Communication, we prepared, among other things, a new logo, designs of business cards and presentation templates as well as brand new branding of company cars. The client expected that thanks to our ideas and creations a new image of the company would be created, appropriate to its market leader position. The expectations were met.

We also created, from scratch, a completely new mini website, consistent with the style of the new graphic identity. It opens with an animation made by us presenting the offer of HAWE Telekom.

hawe site

The most important element of the new website is an interactive map of the HAWE network. The client wanted it to feature not only the bus itself, but also its reach. It was also a requirement to integrate the maps with the presentation of service quality. Thanks to this, users can now not only check the course of the fiber optic network but also potential delays between IP devices on particular sections of the network. Such a possibility is a signal that the client has confidence in the products and the quality and safety of services.

hawe site

Final Effect

Thanks to our work a new chapter in building the image of HAWE Telekom began. We responded to all the challenges that the client presented us with. We managed to create a completely new image of the company, which reflected its position on the market. Thanks to the new service, the company could develop further and gain even more customers.

hawe site

Project Checklist

  • New identification of Hawe Telekom - logo & corporate identity and graphics & animations to promote the company
  • New company service – concept, preparation and implementation based on Drupal 8 CMS
  • Integration of maps of Hawe network with the possibility of tracking delays on its individual sections

Time of execution: 2019


ITBC Communicationwww.itbcgroup.pl


Hawe Telekom - www.hawetelekom.com 

hawe site
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