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3.01.2024, 11:18

Client Zone ecosystem for a nationwide provider of occupational health & safety


SEKA S.A. is a well-established company that has been on the market for 35 years.

35 years SEKA

Since 1988, it has been a leading provider of Occupational Health and Safety, Fire Protection, and Environmental Protection services in Poland. With offices in the main cities of every voivodeship, they specialize in occupational safety, labor law consulting, and comprehensive training services, including EU project advisory and development of training and investment projects.


SEKA needed a portal that would be tailored for their corporate clients - a space where the clients could monitor the status of their assessments, trainings or certificates, and gain access to various reports and documents.

To address this need we proposed a modern solution adopted by similar companies - a dedicated client zone - a simple answer to a complex task.

Integration Process


For this project, we placed a strong emphasis on optimizing the usability of the space for both SEKA and its clients. We integrated the system with client's back office, using APIs to transfer essential information and data into a unified interface.

We developed a client zone, where clients can log in to access a personalized menu tailored to the specific services that they use. The system has different user levels (system administrators, client administrators, standard users, and editors) and each of those users has their own account which allows them to see various kinds of data corresponding to their scope of access and permissions. Additionally, SEKA’s clients can filter information specific to a particular branch of their company, and find contact details for various specialists.

User access levels

While the initial development of the client zone is complete, we continue to advance the project by incorporating additional features.

A valuable functionality we have recently implemented is a solution that allows SEKA to switch from paper certificates confirming training (including occupational health and safety) to electronically signed PDF documents. This approach eliminates the need for SEKA to print and send thousands of certificates, offering a modern, convenient, and legally compliant alternative.

Dashboard overview


  • Development of a comprehensive client zone in Laravel framework tailored for managing and organizing information and documents for SEKA's corporate clients.
  • Integration of the Client Zone with external systems.
  • Ongoing maintenance and development of the system, incorporating new functionalities.

Name of client: SEKA S.A.

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