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9.11.2017, 16:17

Christmas markets in Saxony

Plan your trip to Saxony's Christmas markets with the help of a dedicated website and mobile app. 

Does a Christmas Wonderland exist? Yes - the Saxony region! It's a land with hundreds of years of traditions and customs. And all of this comes together during the Advent season.

The two oldest Christmas markets in Germany are located in Dresden and Leipzig. The Dresden Striezelmarkt is considered to be the oldest Christmas market in all of Germany, and today it attracts more than a million visitors in just one month!

We are responsible for the communication campaign of these events in digital media on the Polish market. A dedicated landing page, social media buzz,  SEM and Facebook media boost, as well as small Facebook contests - all of these elements create hype and make visiting Saxony during this period a must-do experience!

Visit the campaign website (Polish) 
Client: TMGS Dresden 
Agency: Direktpoint. Visit our site and let's work together on your next project!

Landing page design. The mobile-first design makes it easier to use on smartphones.

Contests are the best way to create a quick buzz on social channels. We had some cool small prizes - including a famous Dresdener Stollen cake...

If you are from Germany - you know the taste of this special cake.  

In an effective social campaign, you need to use as many types of Facebook ads as you can. Different users react to different formats. With Facebook introducing new ad formats periodically, these new options often receive more user attention during their initial availability, making them valuable tools for the initial stages of a campaign. Some of the Fall 2017 new Facebook features are presented by adespresso.


Visit the campaign website (Polish​) 
Client: TMGS 
Visit the Direktpoint site

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