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3.01.2024, 11:34

App design for one of Poland’s most iconic newspapers

UX & Design - new mobile app for Rzeczpospolita


Established in 1920, Rzeczpospolita is a national daily newspaper focused on economics and law, published by Gremi Media. Their website, rp.pl, stands out as one of the most frequently visited online platforms within the nationwide newspapers in the Business-Finance-Law category. The platform allows users to stay updated with the latest economic, legal, and regional news in Poland and worldwide.


Similar to other news portals, Rzeczpospolita provides users with the option to access additional premium content through a subscription. Additionally, they offer a dedicated app, allowing users to read the latest issues from Rzeczpospolita printed version on their mobile devices.

The challenge here was to create the user experience & design followed by technical documentation for the development of a brand-new application. This was no simple task, given that it needed to cater to the diverse needs of various groups of users.

First and foremost, the application would be used by existing users who have been accessing the digital version of the printed newspaper and wish to continue using this method. The second group of users to take into account are those who visit and log into the rp.pl website. And finally, we had the third user group consisting of entirely new users who would discover the app on their mobile devices, download it, and subscribe to it through Android and Apple subscription systems to access content exclusively within the mobile app only.


We kicked off the project by conducting thorough research and competition analysis. We examined how the flow works in other apps and compared the user journeys (including processes like account creation, user login, and service purchases).

Following meetings focused on these aspects, we began working on the prototype stage, starting with Information Architecture and progressing through to the final app design. The outcome was an application that allowed users to choose between the offered options (the rp.pl portal or the online issue - e-Wydanie).


To ensure an inclusive user experience, we also created a separate app design tailored specifically for tablet devices.

RP.PL App tablet

Working closely with the internal team of the client and especially the head of design - Maciej Ślusarczyk - we designed prototypes and a seamless flow for all the screens of the app (both the mobile and tablet versions), incorporating elements such as animations and transitions between screens. Based on that, we prepared technical documentation to guide the development team of our client in taking over the project and building the app.


  • Market research
  • App interface design for both mobile and tablet devices
  • Flow design for the app to optimize user experience for various user groups (based on research, competition analysis, and user journey analysis)
  • Preparation of technical documentation and technology recommendations for app development

Client: Gremi Media SA

DP x Gremi media
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