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6 Seconds Agency

New brand from Direktpoint Agency focused on motion ads in social media

Do you want to create effective campaigns on social media, but don't know how to do it? Have you already spent most of your budget on ads that do not translate into conversions? Maybe it's time to seek help from those who know how to create effective video ads for your brand? Meet 6 Second Agency. Direktpoint is responsible for the new brand campaign, thus expanding its range of services.

Let them see you and remember you


Well-thought-out advertising on Facebook or Instagram can bring about a significant increase in sales and, consequently, considerable profits. Nowadays, a good video is a basis for effective campaigns. However, everyone publishes multimedia materials. How to make sure that when scrolling through hundreds of posts, the user pays attention to your product? It must be simple and contain an effective message. Why? Because the battle is fought today for those few seconds of the Internet user's attention, who will only glance at an ad and must immediately recognize and remember the product or company.

Moreover, everything must look perfect on mobile devices. Most people browse social media on smartphones and tablets, and the times of laptop browsing are long gone.

Responding to customer needs

6 Seconds is the answer to the needs of customers who want to create professional videos dedicated to wide-scope social media campaigns. Agency's specialists know how to do it, even if the client only wants to have an ad. In such situations, it is all created from scratch. When a client brings photos or key visuals then you can create effective animations on Facebook and Instagram.

These ads bring in conversions!

Ad recall

An example of an interesting, dedicated video was a campaign for the Sobieski group and its vodka Krupnik – Słony Karmel (Salty Caramel). 6 Seconds agency was to increase its recognition and popularity among Internet users. A dedicated video session was necessary in the process of creating ads. The final work was perfectly tailored to the client's needs for communication on Instagram and Facebook. Many versions of ads were created, each directed to a different target group and for a specific social networking site. And what was the result? The ads were seen by several million people on social networks.

Video file

Social Media is not TV

Sometimes a client has a clip from an ATL campaign, which, as he/she probably noticed on social media, simply does not work. Are you one of those potential clients? Do you spend a lot of money on a great commercial on national television, but when you publish it on the Internet, no one notices it? Don't worry, 6 Seconds Agency will adapt it to the requirements of social media campaigns to start converting.

This was done, among others, by the world juggernaut – Dr. Oetker – who trusted the experts from 6 Seconds when planning the campaign of his Słodka Chwila products and Feliciana and Guseppe frozen pizzas. All of them were promoted by TV commercials. They served as a basis for social media advertisements. From the 30-second spots, it was possible to squeeze out the essence of the message and create effective new narratives on the web.

The best ideas come... quickly!

How are the ads created in 6 Seconds? It all starts with ideas and concepts serving as the groundwork for the key visuals, mockups, and storyboards. They give birth to clips of excellent quality, tailored to specific target groups, which tell the story of a given brand.

Work process

Only 6 seconds to success

6 Seconds Agency offers its clients unique animations and videos that help to build brand and product awareness among the audience. They increase the recall of advertisements and translate into a change in the buying patterns of the recipients. In cooperation with the client, brand communication is created that actually works. No more chasing.

Below are a few more examples of the ads created by 6 Seconds Agency: 

Video file
Video file
Video file

Client: 6 Seconds Agency

Website: www.6seconds.agency

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