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5.12.2020, 14:36

50K+ documents in a distributed ecosystem? The story of the QUDOK system

No more stacks of invoice documents in the Orangina Schweppes Polska

Time is money. Especially when waiting for the invoice to be paid. But how can we easily handle the thousands of invoices, contracts, and other papers coming into our company? We found a way to do that with QuDok's - Documents Management System.


Client Orangina Schweppes Polska is a company operating in the carbonated beverages market. Its offer includes, among others, orangeades, Dr Pepper drinks, and Schweppes tonics. The latter was the first commercial carbonated beverage in the world. They were created in 1783 by Johann Schweppe. This ingenious German watchmaker patented the method of saturating mineral water with carbon dioxide. The company has a large market share and is constantly expanding its product range as well as winning new customers.


The client needed to integrate the circulation of sales and purchase documents. So far, the documents were sent to the company mainly via traditional mail. Physically, packages of invoices and other papers were sent to desks in envelopes. Designated employees had to check, describe and enter them into appropriate systems. Such a solution caused considerable delays, created opportunities for mistakes, and was simply outdated. The client needed a solution that would save time and money. They also wanted to be able to easily track changes in the introduced documents, which is necessary for proper management of the company.

Modules implemented in the clients on-premises infrastructure


We've decided to approach the case on a grand scale. Together with our partner - InSystem (managing the client's IT infrastructure), we have created a custom-made document management system - QuDok. Three modules were implemented for the client: SALE DOCUMENTS, PURCHASE DOCUMENTS, and CONTRACTS. However, there is a possibility of further expansion of the system with more modules.

Sales documents module

The first module makes it much easier for client employees to work with sales documents. When entering a given document, you can set its payment date, add the invoice number, attach the client data from the application database, or describe it in appropriate fields. The system will automatically send the document itself to a defined e-mail address. The employee responsible for the sale also has a preview of whether a document was read by the buyer. He/she will receive a notification in their email inbox.

From the point of view of a client of a company using QuDok, the matter has also become much simpler. The user simply receives a link to download a PDF. There is an opportunity to create a user account in the system in a few simple steps, thanks to which the user gains additional functions. In an extremely simple way, using the system, the user can, for example, request a duplicate document or its correction. The user can describe the reason for the correction, attach relevant documents, and track the status of the request in one place. It also has a full list of its invoices, payment deadlines, etc. Everything is simple, intuitive, and clear. 

sales documents module

Efficient invoice workflow

The PURCHASE DOCUMENTS module has also simplified the work of the system users to a great extent. When buying a product or service, a document is attached, in which the user describes the payment deadline and invoice number. Users can add attachments, select the service provider, and order numbers from the database. The latter is integrated with the company's SAP system. Each document is immediately assigned to an appropriate cost center and sent for approval.

It is possible to define the amount above which a given document should be approved by particular persons. You can observe the progress of work on a document in the system. Appropriate notifications are also sent to the indicated e-mail addresses.

purchase documents module

Contracts module

The third module is CONTRACTS. When describing the document, the user indicates the company with which the contract was signed, the type of the contract, and the employee responsible for it from the application database. The user also defines the notice period, its expiry date, and the moment when the system will send a reminder about the approaching date.

The system allows us to easily extend a given contract, terminate it, and describe the reason for its termination before the deadline. It is also easy to trace the history of any changes and add appropriate appendices. Each time a change is marked in the system, persons designated and responsible for a given contract receive notifications to emails. This significantly increases the comfort of work and security of documents important for the daily functioning of the company.

contrasts module

QuDok allows you to completely abandon paper documents. You don't even need to scan an invoice or contract manually. It is enough for a salesman or a company's client to send a given document in PDF format to the indicated e-mail address. From here the file will be automatically processed into the system.

Maciej Jonakowski - head of development team

No more piles of papers

The client has the possibility to define groups with access to specific documents at any time. The easy-to-use search engine allows you to find a specific document in a blink of an eye and get acquainted with all information concerning it.

no more piles of papers

A significant time-saver for the client was also a database of service providers and clients added to the application. Clients can supplement it with new items themselves. Now the user does not have to enter all the data every time. All that needs to be done is to select a client from the list and the rest will be done automatically.



The client has implemented our system in the company. In a short time, it accumulated thousands of documents and the employees started to appreciate the new workflow. This proves that our solution is really useful and effective. The client received a functional product, which significantly facilitated the work and organization of the company documents. Now they are all collected in one system, which is not only a simplification but also saves time and money.

QuDok is a serious competition for the existing commercial document circulation systems. First of all, it is much simpler to use and more clear than most solutions of this type. It can also be adapted to the needs of a specific customer. What is more, we are constantly developing this project and adding new functions and improvements to it.

Project datasheet: 
Time of execution: 4 months

The Client & Partner: 
Insystem - 
Orangina Schweppes Polska sp. z o.o. -

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