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Drupal – The most secure CMS on the market

Are you facing the decision to choose a content management system for your digital platform? In addition to functionality, you should also focus on security issues. In this article, we'll show you why you should go with Drupal – one of the best solutions of its kind on the market.

Open-source means secure

Drupal is an open-source system. What is the first association for most people who don't deal with IT? If it's an open-source code, anyone can change anything.

Nothing could be further from the truth! Security of the solution is provided by a group of Drupal experts from the Security Team and thousands of developers from all over the world united in a global Drupal community. Most potential threats are detected before they have a chance to be exploited and all the kinks are quickly dealt with thanks to the application's transparent bug-reporting procedure. Every change is checked multiple times and must undergo extensive testing before being deployed.

What's more, open-source allows you to look "under the hood" of Drupal. There is no room for anything random. In commercial solutions, when we don't have full control over the software, as a matter of fact, we are forced to make use of what a particular company can offer us. When running a business, you should have confidence in a particular tool rather than base your decisions on trust, especially when it comes to stability and security.

No "external" plug-ins

Similar solutions that are available on the market are mainly based on plug-ins. These are extensions to the basic functionality of a given CMS. With them, you can easily and quickly add a plug-in to your online shop to support, for example, payments or user registration. Instead of creating the necessary functionality or a design a theme from scratch, you pay a dozen or several dozen dollars for a monthly subscription and you're set.

The problem begins when a particular plug-in is no longer developed and supported. This happens very often. It is not uncommon for companies offering such plug-ins to alter their business profile, go bankrupt, or simply launch a new offer. What then? Your app or service stops working and you make no money. You are also never sure what is inside the plug-in you are using. What if, for example, its owner is phishing for your company's or its customers' data, or has dropped a virus inside? Do you really want to take that risk?

It's completely different in Drupal. All modules are open-source, so there is no question of "bonus" dangerous code. Every module becoming part of the Drupal ecosystem has to go through a detailed testing and analysis procedure carried out by experts. Changes are also monitored by members of the online community, who can examine the code of a module at any time and report any bugs. It ensures full transparency, making Drupal practically a guarantee of stable operation.


User rights control

One of Drupal's numerous advantages includes the extensive ability to manage user permissions. By precisely defining their roles, you have full control over who has access to what.

In practice, this means that, for instance, people entering content to your app will not have access to the entire system, but only to strictly selected and necessary parts of it. This significantly reduces the risk of errors and data leaks, and therefore the risk to the operation of your business.

Updates and more updates

Making sure you have the latest version of Drupal and its modules is critical to the security of your digital platform. Do you want to have peace of mind and no problems with its operation? Do regular updates.

In Drupal, most updates are done automatically. You can use the tools you'll find on the official Drupal website to do this. Just remember to make backups. The whole process should go smoothly and painlessly.

The exception is when you've waited too long to migrate from older editions than Drupal 8. In that case, you'll have some work ahead of you. Not sure how to go about it? Contact us. Direktpoint experts will be happy to help!

Global community support

In this article, I have already referred twice to the online community around Drupal. At the moment, it's more than a million people: developers, designers, and testers, but above all passionate experts who put a lot of work into making Drupal constantly better.

Imagine having a million experts constantly watching over the security of your application, reporting a bug if necessary, helping to deal with it, and still creating the right security patch so it never happens again in the future.

Chosen by the world's finest

Still not convinced about Drupal's security? Not sure if you should choose it for your project? Let me just tell you that this CMS has been chosen by such entities as NASA, UNICEF, Tesla, and Oxford University. These institutions do not leave security issues to chance.


We hope that after reading this article you already know why Drupal is called the most secure CMS on the market. It has immense capabilities and is a guarantee of stability in your project. Do you want your CMS to run without problems and be based on a stable and secure solution? Go with Drupal.

Need help building a digital platform? Let us know! Direktpoint has been supporting companies that value security for years. Want to know more? Find out how we've helped our clients succeed by reading our case studies.

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