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21.12.2023, 13:21

Discover the latest Drupal updates - Exploring what's new in Drupal 10.2!

In the second feature release of Drupal 10, enhancements abound! Content modeling, block management, menu and taxonomy organization, and permission administration all receive a boost. Excitingly, new options for sanitizing file names empower users to tidy up uploaded file names, while dedicated user interfaces for media item revisions offer improved control and clarity.

In one of our previous blog posts, we went through the updates and features released in Drupal 10.1, so feel free to read about it if you’re interested in comparing these two versions. In Drupal 10.2, enhancing the user experience takes center stage in managing various content types:

  1. Visual Enhancement: New field types are now visually listed instead of a basic select list, and all field settings are conveniently consolidated on a single form. Check out Drupal’s video on how to create new fields in Drupal 10.2.
  2. Improved Navigation: Menu items and taxonomy terms now feature a dedicated option for adding child items, streamlining the process of item placement.
  3. Media Management Revamped: Media items benefit from a dedicated user interface, facilitating the review and management of older revisions.
  4. Language Control: CKEditor's language selector is now configurable to display only languages supported on the site, offering a more tailored language experience.

🧩 Enhanced Block Control

Introducing a user-friendly interface that allows you to toggle the visibility of each block based on HTTP response status. Now, you can effortlessly add or remove specific blocks when encountering a page not found (404) or facing access denial (403).

📂 Empowering File Management

Drupal 10.2 introduces new built-in file name sanitization options, incorporating the functionality of a widely used contributed module into the core. Now, effortlessly replace whitespace in file names, transliterate text, convert to lowercase, and enjoy a host of other options for seamless file management.

🔐 Streamlined Permission Control

Experience faster permission management in Drupal 10.2! The permissions page now features a top-notch filter, making it a breeze to locate and adjust the specific permission you need.

🚀 Elevated Performance

In Drupal 10.2, embrace a host of performance enhancements! Experience a smoother ride with improved content rendering, optimized HTTP responses, and upgraded caching APIs for a faster and more efficient web experience.

🌐 Keeping Pace with the Latest PHP

Just three weeks after the release of PHP 8.3, Drupal 10.2 is already fully compatible, ensuring seamless integration with the latest PHP advancements. You can read about how much it can improve the Drupal site performance in a large benchmark performed by Kinsta.

💻 Embracing Modern PHP: Introducing PHP Attributes

Drupal core takes a leap forward by incorporating PHP attributes, a contemporary language feature. This enhancement enriches the developer experience for plugin annotations. Developers are encouraged to start utilizing this advanced API for their contributed and custom code. Moreover, the new API facilitates the conversion of Block and Action plugins, offering a more streamlined and improved development process.

📰 Stay Informed with Project News

In Drupal 10.2, staying up-to-date with project news is easier than ever. The Announcements Feed module, now stable, is automatically installed with the standard profile, ensuring you receive built-in updates to keep you informed.

🤝 Streamlined Help Experience

In Drupal 10.2, the experimental Help topics module has transitioned, marking its deprecation. All its features and functionality have seamlessly merged into the core Help module, providing a more integrated and efficient help experience.

🔧 Elevating Developer Experience

Drupal 10.2 introduces a vast number of improvements aimed at enhancing the developer experience:

  1. Performance Testing Advancements: The addition of PerformanceTestBase facilitates automated testing of performance metrics, supporting the sending of OpenTelemetry traces to an open telemetry endpoint.
  2. Compatibility Made Easy: Developers now have access to the new DeprecationHelper::backwardsCompatibleCall() method, aiding in writing Drupal extensions that remain compatible with multiple major versions simultaneously.
  3. Asynchronous Operation Support: PHP Fibers support has been integrated into BigPipe and the Renderer, enabling Drupal to execute different code while waiting for asynchronous operations to return.
  4. Configuration Validation Boost: Configuration validation has been expanded to bolster strict testing and simplify the implementation of configuration form validation.
  5. Symfony's Autowiring Adoption: Services now benefit from Symfony's autowiring support, based on PHP 8 attributes, making service creation a more straightforward process.
  6. HTML5 Syntax Update: The HTML utility classes and filter system have been revamped to produce HTML5 syntax instead of XHTML, ensuring a more modern and compliant approach.

Drupal 10.2 brings a host of enhancements and features to improve both user and developer experiences. For a more comprehensive overview of the changes and updates, check out the release notes provided by Drupal. Are you contemplating whether Drupal is the right solution for your project?

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Disclaimer: The content of this blog post is based on information sourced from Drupal and was written with the assistance of AI.

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