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20.10.2023, 10:29

New e-commerce platform (PrestaShop) for a leading Gold Broker

Our process behind crafting a future-proof e-commerce platform

In order to distinguish your online store from the competition and bring it to the next level, it's important to keep up with current trends and prioritize the comfort and trust of your customers. This is precisely what the redesigned Treasury Mint website assures - a responsive, online shop integrated with all the essential tools, and technologically prepared for future development and enhancements.



The Treasury Mint has been the largest dealer in investment gold and other precious metals on the Polish market since 2011. They are a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange as well as the partner of the world's best mints affiliated with the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association).

The foundation of their business is a rich knowledge base and many years of experience in the financial market. Their focus lies not only on trading (buying and selling) but also on providing advice on diversifying investment portfolios within the scope of alternative investments.


The client had an existing e-commerce store built using a SaaS platform. Nevertheless, they required a platform that would allow them to incorporate custom functionalities tailored specifically to their business. While SaaS platforms can offer excellent solutions in many cases, in this particular case, the best solution for the client was to opt for a dedicated platform.

In today's digital landscape, mobile devices dominate the online shopping experience. For businesses who want to stay up to date, it is important to recognize this trend and adapt their websites to cater to mobile users.

Furthermore, a common challenge in e-commerce is abandoned carts. One of the reasons behind this issue is difficulties with the payment process. Offering convenient payment methods, as well as integrating with popular social media platforms for shopping, can therefore significantly enhance the user experience.


We started out with an in-depth examination of our client's existing solution, along with an evaluation of other alternatives on the market. Key aspects that we considered included the customer journey, product presentation, mobile compatibility, the purchase and payment process, and an SEO analysis.

The next step revolved around the implementation of the store. This phase included the selection of the right platform, UX and interface design, and finally the development stage.

The most suitable options for the client to choose from were Magento and PrestaShop, and after a thorough evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of each platform, a decision was reached to develop the online store using PrestaShop.

PrestaShop is an open-source e-commerce platform and a popular solution for businesses looking for a way to build their online presence. Similarly to Magento it offers a robust product management system and has remarkable scalability options. However, what makes it stand out even more is the fact that it is very intuitive, easily customizable, and comes with a huge selection of integration possibilities. That, paired with it being freely available and thus more cost-effective, made this platform the optimal choice.

Using all the insights gained from thorough competitor analysis and UX research, as well as aligning with our client's needs and goals our aim was to create a completely new, modern, and user-friendly e-commerce platform.

case study_prestashop


Our goal was to ensure that the products were presented on the site in the best way possible. However, our focus extended beyond the visual elements. We wanted to provide the client with full control over the sections of the shop. This was achieved by integrating custom plugins, allowing content editors to make necessary adjustments with ease in the future. Additionally, we incorporated BaseLinker to manage the back office and the CRM.


  • The design and development of a mobile-first online store
  • ERP integration
  • BaseLinker integration
  • Seamless migration of products from the previous platform
  • Enhancing the store functionality (including search engine expansion, discount code integration, and compatibility with multiple payment methods)
  • Production of various marketing campaign materials, including animations
  • Optimization of pages for SEO
  • Providing training and maintenance support.

Time of execution: 100 days
Client: Treasury Mint (Mennica Skarbowa)
Client’s website: https://www.mennicaskarbowa.pl/ 

New e-commerce platform (PrestaShop) for a leading Gold Broker
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