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5.11.2018, 15:18

Boomerun startup- mobile app for sporty's 

The combination of loyalty programs and the promotion of activity, we like such ideas!

We have a great pleasure working with the Boomerun startup - a new mobile app on the Polish market. Boomerun is an application that turns your physical effort into loyalty points that you can exchange for points in popular loyalty programs.

What do we do in the project? We take care of social buzz, website design and SEM.

Website - As simple as possible

We desided to explain Boomerun concept in a simple and transparent one-pager. The look reference for a website is app design. The client asked us for a simple project, which in a short will explain how-its-works and redirects to the Apple or Google store.

Before we launched the site we developed and boosted Youtube teaser movies like this one above.

We invite you to collect Boomeruns!

Project checklist:

  • Website design and development
  • Drupal 8 technology (Thunder)
  • Social buzz  & video animations
  • SEM in Google eco system

Launch: September 2018.
Client: Band Warrior

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